It will challenge in the most rewarding way possible. You will grow in ways you never thought possible in a community of supporters. The Summer Immersion Program truly is a wonderful event that changes lives.—Student, 2019 Cohort

The community

The community that is created here is going to help you grow in ways you’ve never imagined.—Student, 2019 Cohort

The experience is unparalleled

You will meet people who will change your life…the experience is unparalleled to anything I’ve had. —Student, 2019 Cohort

Closing Ceremony

Transitioning to college is extremely hard. You’ve left behind your home, your family and friends, everything you’ve known to comfort you. When I arrived here I realized the tremendous amount of support that faculty, staff, admin, and more are willing to provide. I can’t thank you enough. —Student, 2019 Cohort